Sharon Ann Burnston brings to bear 40 years as a scholar and living historian who has specialized in studying the details of 18th century working-class American clothing. For twenty-one years, she was the designer and sole-proprietor of Mill Farm Patterns. She is the author of Fitting & Proper, and its in-progress companion-work For Good Measure, as well as numerous magazine articles, website articles, and conference papers.

This is her pledge to you, the patrons of her on-line emporium:

I beg leave to assure all re-enactors that their needs will be attended to with the greatest dispatch.
~~The garments I offer here are based entirely upon my extensive research; the smallest details can be documented (documentation available upon request).
~~You will find herein carefully selected styles, fabrics and colors, which you can wear with the utmost confidence that they are supported by the latest research. Every item is made by myself or by one of a select group of sempstresses especially supervised & trained by me.
~~Our fabrics are the best available replicas of those known to have been used in the American Colonies--linens, hemps, cottons, woolens & silks--and our standard selection is a basic palette of solid colors, with a varying and limited choice of patterned fabrics whenever appropriate ones can be obtained. I am in regular communication with my purchasing agents in Boston & New York, and with importers direct from India & the Continent, to enable me to bring you garments of the finest, most accurate fabrics at the best possible prices.
~~I present an initial offering of ladies' garments in a selection of styles and fabrics carefully chosen so that our costs may be kept as reasonable as possible. Clothing for gentlemen, and for children, should be available soon.
~~Special orders and custom designs are our pleasure. Please contact me regarding your heart's desire in 18th century clothing and I will supply you with an estimate. Creating historically accurate 18th century clothing for wedding parties is our especial delight!
~~ These garments are made in the simplest, most workmanlike manner which is consistent with the construction methods I have observed on extant originals. They are durable, intended for years of service. All visible sewing is done by hand, using the correct 18th century stitches and techniques. In our endeavor to make the highest quality re-enactment clothing available at the most affordable price, we take the liberty of sewing some inside seams by machine, for example, using tiny French seams in place of time-consuming flat-felled seams. To save expense & speed up the sewing process, we use mercerized cotton thread instead of linen thread. These are our only compromises.
~~Each garment is individually made for you, so your needs and preferences are our first priority. Don't know what you need? With 35 years experience in studying 18th century American clothing, I can, and will be happy to, give you my best recommendations. Please feel free to contact me with your questions.
~~Because your garment is being made just for you, time and attention will be devoted to making it as fine a garment as we can. Please understand, and be patient. If for any reason, your order will take longer than eight weeks to deliver, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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