~~Our fabrics are the best available replicas of those known to have been used in the American Colonies--linens, hemps, cottons, woolens & silks--and our standard selection is a basic palette of solid colors, with a varying and limited choice of patterned fabrics whenever appropriate ones can be obtained. I am in regular communication with my purchasing agents in Boston & New York, and with importers direct from India & the Continent, to enable me to bring you garments of the finest, most accurate fabrics at the best possible prices.

~~Fabric availability and prices may be subject to change without notice. Changes in fabric prices may cause unpredicted changes in the prices of the garments. We will keep you as well-informed as we can.

~~Many of our fabrics are hand-dyed or hand block-printed, so they are produced in small quantities only, 2 to 10 yards. We will try to keep the same basic solid colors of linen in stock, but you may expect the dye-lots to vary. The advantage to you as a re-enactor is that, although the garments we offer are simple and classic, you aren't likely to encounter your identical garment being worn by someone else. However, if you see here a fabric you especially like, don't dally, as it may not be available again!

~~We are not responsible for variations in the appearance of swatches on different computer monitors. Actual fabric swatches are usually available upon request. Please be sure you will like the color before you commission a garment.

White and unbleached Linens:
For shifts, aprons, caps, neckhandkerchiefs

Finest white linen for caps
Finest white cotton organdy for dress caps
Fine white shift linen
Medium-weight white linen
Medium-weight unbleached linen

Colored Linens: For gowns, petticoats,
bed gowns, jackets, wrappers, aprons

Periwinkle blue
Deep indigo blue
Light blue (aqua)
Dark brown
Light brown (tan)
"Madder" rose
Snuff brown linen/cotton fustian

Cotton prints: For gowns, bed gowns, jackets, wrappers
(suitable for a petticoat only if ordered as a matching set with a gown)
Print 1
Print 2
Print 3
Print 4
Print 5
Print 6
Print 7
Print 8
Print 9
Print 10

Worsteds: For gowns, petticoats, bed gowns, jackets, wrappers
Plum Twill
Sage Green Twill - GONE
Brown Twill
Summer weight worsted wool, deep brown and black mini-stripes

Fulled wool melton: For cloaks

Choices for visible fabric of jumps:
Blue and white cotton ticking
Unbleached linen
Deep blue linen
Dark brown linen
Snuff Brown linen/cotton fustian

Linen checks for aprons:
Dark blue/light blue

Cotton checks for neck-handkerchiefs:
Blue/ivory cotton
Red/ivory cotton
Tan/ivory linen

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