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After several years of studying and collecting original 18th century jewelry, I have developed a line of replica jewelry designs which I present as plausible facsimiles to the originals I have studied. Where possible, some are exact replicas. Others are my interpretations of 18th century-style jewelry, rendered as closely as can be approximated from currently available findings without expensive custom hand silver smithing. These jewels are made entirely from sterling silver and genuine gemstones, utilizing only those gems which I have been able to document to 18th century England or America. All mountings have been carefully selected as the most period-correct-looking modern findings available--stones are mounted in closed-back settings and the lever-back earrings go in from the back of the earlobe! Faceted or granulated silver findings take the place of the original mine-cut diamonds, so you will sparkle appropriately in the candlelight.

Note, now and then I come across good-looking items which have slightly open-backed settings. While closed-back settings were more usual in the 18th century, this type of gem-setting was occasionally seen. These are otherwise excellent replicas of 18th century styles. I prefer to seek out and offer you closed-back set gems. But when I find a slightly open-back jewel, if it's a splendid 18th century-style and looks very "period" when worn, sometimes I can't resist!

My documentation for these pieces includes period art works, my own personal collection of original 18th century jewelry, as well as museum objects which it has been my privilege to examine. I also have a large file of photographs of extant originals which are not mine to post here, but from which I will share relevant images with anyone who wishes to compare my creations to the originals which inspired them. When my pieces are based on original prototypes taken from portraits, I've cited the portrait for you to examine. Each item is handmade and unique, so if you see something you like, don't dally, as it may never be offered again. Please check this webpage frequently for the latest updates.

Purchasing your jewelry:

If you find a piece of jewelry you like, please go to the Mail Room to place your order.

All jewelry will come to you in a presentation-ready box. Your shipping costs will include the cost of a padded mailer to protect the box and its contents. You may also purchase shipping insurance, if you desire.

When ordering jewelry, please add $7.00 shipping charges to your payment. One shipping charge of $7.00 will cover the shipping costs of up to three items if ordered together.

Caring for your jewelry:

The jewels I make are all natural gemstones and sterling silver. Silver is soft, and some gems are softer than others, especially pearls. These pieces are delicate and should be protected from scratching. Pearls are vulnerable to acids. All necklaces are hung on silk thread, which is strong, but vulnerable to alkaline substances and some chemicals.

If your necklace has silk ribbon ties, you should try to avoid getting them wet. Wrinkled ribbons can be freshened with a dry iron set on medium.

You are advised to remove your jewelry before showering or swimming, and to avoid exposing it to sunscreen, insect repellant, and other chemicals such as hairspray.

When you are dressing, try to put on your jewelry last. After you have worn your jewels, especially necklaces, wipe them with a soft dry cloth to remove any perspiration or body oils, and store them in a cloth pouch. (Pearls in particular should not be stored in sealed plastic bags.) Allowing multiple pieces of jewelry to entangle in one pouch may cause scratching, distortion of the silver components, or snagging of any silk ribbons.

If you find it necessary to clean your jewels, use no abrasives, detergents or brushes. Holding any silk ribbons out of the water, simply swish the piece in warm water with a mild soap, rinse, and dry with a soft cloth. Lay necklaces flat to dry. Don't hang or wear them when wet since this may stretch the silk thread. Avoid putting any jewelry away if it is at all damp.

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