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When ordering jewelry, please add $7.00 shipping charges to your payment.
One shipping charge of $7.00 will cover the shipping costs of up to three items if ordered together.


~~ Currently available as special order only. ~~

~~A double strand of the gem of your choice, 6 mm round beads, hand-knotted on silk and set on jeweled box clasps featuring faceted white topaz gemstones set in sterling silver. Each clasp features one faceted gem, ~10mm x 15mm, a spectacular jewel. Shown here with 6.5 mm oval pearls.
Please give the size of your wrist.
$65.00 each

~~In the Federal style, black silk satin ribbon bracelets with jeweled box clasps featuring faceted gemstones set in sterling silver. These must be custom fitted to your wrist size. Half-inch black silk satin ribbon, with white topaz clasps as described above. Usually these were worn in pairs.
$45.00 each, $85.00 a pair.

Ralph Earl (1751-1801). "Oliver and Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth", 1792. Wadsworth Atheneum


Gem-set silver sleeve-links, featuring cabochon garnets set in silver sleeve-buttons 8mm (5/16 inch) in diameter, connected by silver oval links. Fits 7/16 inch buttonhole. Nice for ladies fine shifts, too!

Silver sleeve-links, featuring hand-stamped silver sleeve-buttons 13mm (1/2 inch) in diameter, connected by silver oval links. Fits 1/2 inch buttonhole. $40/set


Lovely hats worn at rakish angles-surely 18th century ladies must have had hatpins to anchor them. Hatpins are a necessity in any kind of breeze. But what did an 18th century hatpin look like? To date, we don't know. Therefore the best hatpin is an unobtrusive one, as inconspicuous as possible. The problem is, modern hatpins are either too short, or too easily bent, to be of real service in securing a broad-brimmed straw hat. I have always preferred to use the real article, a plain-headed antique hatpin from the Edwardian era, early 20th century. Now I can offer some to you! Here is a small group of original Edwardian hatpins, in lengths 6" to 8" long, with black or white glass ball heads and sturdy steel shanks. The shanks show some patina consistent with their age, and some may be a bit bent. These were meant to hold real hats, and they will really hold yours. Please contact me to find out which lengths I have in stock, then buy them while you can, because these are hard to find!
$7.00 each

Documentation for hatpins:

Lists of goods sent from England in exchange for hogsheads of tobacco:

"From one Cathn Rathell of Williamsburg (Who has a store opposite the Raleigh Tavern).
January the 31 [1772]"

[...amongst a substantial list of clothing, shoes and other stuff...]

"200 of the very long Bonnet or Hat Pins yt are 6 Inches Long"

Cf. John Norton and Son, Merchants of London and Virginia, edited by Frances Norton Mason published 1968 by Augustus M Kelley (New York), an updated reprint of a 1937 print with an Introduction by Dr. Samuel M. Rosenblatt

As reported by "Grymm" to: 18cWoman@yahoogroups.com
Apr 30, 2008 12:02 PM & May 1, 2008 7:03 AM
Cited by permission.

When ordering jewelry, please add $7.00 shipping charges to your payment.
One shipping charge of $7.00 will cover the shipping costs of up to three items if ordered together.


Looking for a decent 18th century fan? The ones from China, made of silk or paper on bamboo sticks, have no "snap", they open and close badly. The fancy Spanish ones are machine-printed and come mounted on plastic sticks. The sandalwood brise fans from India are quite simply out of our period. And any other option is prohibitively costly.

Now, after much research and seeking, I offer you what I consider to be the best possible compromise in an affordable, functional, period-looking fan. These hand-painted fans are made with wooden sticks and guards, with a "leaf" of cotton fabric. They are 9 1/2 inches long, with a 16 1/2 inch spread, and have no anachronistic hanging loops. I think you'll really like the crisp open and shut action on these fans!

The Clothiery has been out of stock on these fans for a year, my sources have dried up, and prices for decent looking fans have soared. I have at last located a few fans fit to offer my customers. These are not quite as finely painted as the ones I had before, they are decorated on only one side, and I was able to obtain them in only four colors (white, red, pale pink and dark green). I have just a few, but at least for now I can continue to offer functional and presentable fans at the same low price of $15 plus $7 for postage and handling.

Online documentation for fans

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